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Cognitive symptoms in psychiatric illnesses such as schizophrenia are widely defined in the scientific literature, and specific neuropsychological batteries have even been developed for their evaluation [4]. Currently there is also consensus regarding cognitive impairment in patients with bipolar disorder, even in the absence of affective decompensation [5]. The presence of cognitive dysfunction in the case of major depression, especially in the elderly, has even been described in the classical literature, with the term 'melancholic dementia' appearing in a 19th century clinical text and the later popularized term 'depressive pseudodementia' [6]. However, cognitive symptoms in anxiety disorders are less well defined, as neuropsychological findings in these disorders are less consistent in the literature.

The study and approach to cognitive symptoms in subjects with GAD is of interest because of the likely impact they have on the subject's functional adaptation, especially given the relatively persistent and chronic nature of symptoms in GAD [1].

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Concomitant molecular processes are involved in each of these stages (Fig. 1), involving numerous cell types, from neurons to immune cells, as well as glial and endothelial cells [9,10].

The neonatal brain has a number of features that make it particularly susceptible to hypoxic-ischemic insult, such as increased oxygen consumption, higher water content, low antioxidant enzyme concentration, or decreased myelination [21,22]. The pathophysiology of IHD is multifactorial (Fig. 1), and this is one of the main causes of the lack of effective treatment to reduce neonatal brain injury and forces the establishment of different therapeutic targets to try to stop or ameliorate its devastating consequences [23].

During embryonic development, the processes of apoptosis and neurogenesis occur seamlessly in time and space, and functional neuronal circuits are generated [51]. The discovery of postnatal and adult stem cells in the mammalian central nervous system has changed the once irrefutable dogma that the adult brain is incapable of replacing lost neurons [52,53]. Although it is uncertain whether the process of formation of new neurons from stem or progenitor cells takes place in other areas of the central nervous system, two neurogenic areas have been identified that persist after birth: the subventricular zone of the lateral ventricles and the subgranular zone of the dentate gyrus of the hippocampus [54-56].

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"Décadas de baile" es el nuevo viaje en el tiempo de Kostrok a través de la historia de la música de baile. En esta ocasión, el artista mediterráneo ha querido rendir homenaje a 3 épocas y discotecas emblemáticas: Empezamos el viaje con "Heaven", año 1999 en Valencia, España con un sample house, disco, sonido francés tan sucio y loco como entonces. Volvemos al pasado con "Pikes", el famoso hotel/discoteca de Tony Pikes en Ibiza en los años 70 con los sonidos más disco de los 70. Terminamos el viaje volviendo al futuro, año 2050, con "Cerebro" un trabajo completamente mental, minimalista, contundente y electrónico pero con aires de esperanza que representa su visión de la música que sonará en los clubs del "metaverso" o lo que finalmente ocurra, quién sabe.

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Radiant, excited and dressed in a short white dress, platform heels and her hair up, the singer received the international press on Tuesday night at Temple House, a former synagogue converted into a private club in Miami Beach.

The album, produced by Marc Anthony and Colombian Julio Reyes, shows "how I am and how I love," said the artist. The artist commented on the work she will also be doing with singer-songwriter Estefano to create an album of eleven songs in her vernacular language. Both Marc and Jennifer complimented each other, not only for the relationship that unites them, but also for the respect they have for each other artistically.

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